Digital Solutions

Digital solutions

Your clients get digital solutions that give them some independence. You get more time to focus on your advisory role. 

Simple is profitable

Intact’s innovative digital solutions give your clients the power to access their insurance records, report an auto claim, and much more, whenever and wherever they want. And if they need advice, your contact information is right in front of them, on their Client Centre screen!

Intact Insurance app and Client Centre

This online reference tool helps customers:

  • access their insurance documents with information on deductibles, coverage and other benefits;
  • file an auto insurance claim online with a pre-filled form, and add pictures of the damaged vehicle;
  • track the progress of their home and auto claims;
  • set up the digital proof of auto insurance on the lock screen of their smartphone, protecting their personal information; 
  • track their scheduled payments;
  • get in touch with you quickly by phone or email – since your contact info is right there.

4 good reasons to help your clients go digital

  • Productivity gains

    Giving customers easy access to their own policy details boosts your productivity and operational efficiency.
  • Your value as an advisor

    Empowering your clients to find the answers to simple questions will give you more time for your role as an expert advisor. 
  • Business development

    Having more time to help customers with their transactions means you can find them the insurance solution that perfectly suits their needs.
  • Enhanced customer experience and loyalty

    Our digital solutions give your customers an enhanced experience that meets their expectations for mobile convenience. 

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my Drive™ program

Drivers save big with new technology and my Drive. And with good driving habits, they can pick up a 25% discount on the way!

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