My Drive

my Drive™

Customers who drive safely get the discounts they deserve with my Drive as part of Good Driving Benefits, our best auto insurance offer.

A program that benefits your clients – and you!

Advantages for the Customer

  • They'll save up to 25% on their premium, including a 5% enrolment discount
  • Personalized discounts can improve every 6 months with good driving habits
  • Clients can access the program on the user-friendly Intact Insurance app, for a user experience that really pays

Advantages for the Broker

  • Reward good driving to attract and retain the best clients
  • Maintain a healthy risk portfolio compared to the competition
  • Keep your clients from shopping around by offering a personalized rate that competitors just can't match

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Presenting the benefits of my Drive

What my Drive and the Intact Insurance app can do for your clients

my Drive for new business

The client doesn't want my Drive

See how easy it is to enroll in my Drive with the Intact Insurance app

Setting up and using my Drive

A quick and easy download

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Get a handle on personalized discount calculations

An ongoing program

Premiums don't go up for bad drivers

Learn how to reassure clients about
my Drive

Data usage and battery life concerns

Reservations about tracking

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Good Driving Benefits

Our most competitive auto insurance – both in terms of coverage and pricing – makes this offer a perfect entry point for new business.

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