My Drive

my Drive™

What if driving could save people money? It can – with my Drive, a program that rewards good driving habits. The program is part of Good Driving Benefits, our best auto insurance offer.

A program that benefits your clients – and you!

Advantages for the Customer

  • They'll save up to 25% on their premium, including a 10% enrolment discount
  • Personalized discounts can improve every 6 months with good driving habits
  • Clients can access the program on the user-friendly Intact Insurance app, for a user experience that really pays

Advantages for the Broker

  • Reward good driving to attract and retain the best clients
  • Maintain a healthy risk portfolio compared to the competition
  • Keep your clients from shopping around by offering a personalized rate that competitors just can't match

See how easy it is to enrol in my Drive with the Intact Insurance app.

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